• Image of Hannah - Custom wedding invites and illustrations

Custom Order for Hannah
Illustrations and wedding invitations

(60 x digitally printed invitations, A6 size, on 250gsm recycled Corn Crush card, black ink = £84.00)
Illustration fee £90 + Print fee £88 + custom design fee £55 = £229.00
64 x C6 recycled brown flecked envelopes = £12.80
TOTAL = £241.80
Postage, to UK address - £8.00 (Special delivery, insured and tracked)


£45 each for one draft (amendments or re-draws charged at £30 each) - customer has chosen this option
£130 each for three initial drafts (amendments or re-draws charged at £30 each)
One illustration of a thistle and another of a peony-like flower. I would like them growing away from each other (as in the example I sent over) on the front side of the invitation and side-by-side when you turn it over (beneath the text).

Invitation design:
This will require a custom design. Quite simple, and aside from the two illustrations, the rest will be only typographic elements. Hind Light font as requested by customer. https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Hind.

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